Who is your competition?

I just left a property inspection – a no contact exterior inspection.

Here are the inspection instructions at the top of the form:

  • Do not leave any notices or documentation
  • Do not discuss any information with neighbors or third-party
  • Occupancy status must be verified by a minimum of two indicators

Photo requirements regardless of occupancy status are:

  • Two occupancy indicators
  • Property Address
  • Street sign
  • Vacancy certificate
  • Seven photos of damage if damaged

If any photos cannot be obtained, provide explanation as to why

What is unusual – well really not unusual in this business – but you’ll notice that the instructions are conflicting: do not leave any notices and then take a photo of vacancy certificate.

I really enjoyed finding that there was a notice posted on the front door giving notice for occupant to remove personal property and even though the notice had a person’s name printed on it, there was no company name but I recognized the phone number as being the phone number of a local realtor. That’s good news. That means that some of the other field service reps in the area have evidently been let go or they went broke.Who are your competitors locally? Real estate brokers for sure and you will have to decide for yourself whether or not that is to your benefit. I think you’ll find that they are a different type of competitor.


Mortgage Contracting Services, MCS, headquartered in Plano Texas certainly knows how to take advantage of not paying mortgage field inspectors for photos.

For EACH item reported as damaged, Mortgage Contracting Services requires SEVEN photos. All free of charge.

To honor this unpaid mandate, the following SEVEN photos were submitted of a missing AC unit. As you can see from the photos, photo 2 to mortgage contracting services, , photo 3 to mortgage contracting services, photo 4 to mortgage contracting services, photo 5 to mortgage contracting services, photo 6 to mortgage contracting services and photo 7 to mortgage contracting services adds substantially more information to the report.


Mortgage Contracting Services

6504 International Parkway, Suite 1500
Plano TX 75093

Website: www.mcs360.com
Phone: 813-387-1100 866-563-1100


The Real Estate Solution Group Inc.

125 E. Campbell Ave, Second Floor
Campbell CA 95008

Website: www.theresolutiongrp.com
Email: lstuartreo@gmail.com laura@theresolutiongrp.com
Phone: 408-409-5032 205-623-3075
Fax: 866-812-4501


Link To Callifornia Secretary of State Business Entity Detail For The Real Estate Solution Group Inc

Entity Number: C2820330
Date Filed: 11/17/2005
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 24307 MAGIC MOUNTAIN PKWY #560
Entity City, State, Zip: VALENCIA CA 91355
Agent for Service of Process: PHILLIP VILLEGAS
Agent Address: 24307 MAGIC MOUNTAIN PKWY #560
Agent City, State, Zip: VALENCIA CA 91384

What’s going on with The Real Estate Solution Group. Reports continue to be sent regarding this company. We were directed to a Ripoff Report that alleges that The Real Estate Solution Group Inc does not pay their field inspectors.

Visit www.ripoffreport.com to view the accusation.