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What does a Field Inspector do?
The Mortgage Field Service Industry
The Basic Property Inspection
No-Contact and Bankruptcy Inspection
Inspection Authority


Letter Delivery
Basic Photo Requirements
Inspecting Vacant Properties
Interior Inspections
Insurance Loss Inspections

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This training course is perfect for those seeking an alternate revenue stream, creating a new business, enhancing current skills, or satisfying curiosity about the true need for these services to mortgage companies.

NOTE: This course is not affiliated with any specific vendor company but is supported and endorsed by several companies seeking to hire knowledgeable and qualified individuals. Completing this course is the first step!

Free Online Training Course

Online Training

Although some National and Regional companies hire employees to conduct field inspections, the majority of mortgage field service inspectors are Independent Contractors (earn 1099 wages).

Field Service companies across the nation send potential property inspectors here to gain a solid understanding of the principles of the Mortgage Field Services industry. Inspection companies know that those who complete this course have the knowledge and general understanding of the industry and how to complete property inspections.


At the end of this online course you will know how to conduct property inspections and will be Certified as a Mortgage Field Service Property Inspector.