Course Completion

Congratulation, you passed the Mortgage Field Services Inspection Course!


You are now qualified to work for several Regional Mortgage Field Service companies.

Based on the state you live in, there are 3 companies who may be interested in hiring you as an Independent Contractor. To apply to all of them in one link, CLICK HERE for APPLICATION.



You are now qualified to post yourself or your company on The Field Service Directory.
When completing your profile make sure you do all of these suggested tips.

  • Make sure you list your individual zip codes that you intend to cover.
  • Check the accolade box for “ Inspectors course“.
  • Find even more companies to work for.

Once again, congratulations.  You now have the skills required to make a good living for yourself. You are so far ahead of those who were thrown a PDF manual and asked to figure it all out. Be confident in what you just learned because now you know what you are doing!