Entering GPS Coordinates


Obtaining and recording the GPS coordinates of each property is extremely important.  As an Independent Contractor you are required to provide the Latitude and Longitude of each inspected property.
The GPS coordinates are also attached to every photo you take, automatically and is required.

Since we now require the use of smart phones, using the InspectorADE phone app makes this task so much easier. With the InspectorADE phone app, all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the report and hit the “Set using GPS” button.  This will automatically set the GPS coordinates in digital format onto the inspection form.

download (2)Do NOT use the “Set using address” button.  That will only create the coordinates for the nearest known street address based on where your phone carrier “thinks” you are- using cell phone towers to triangulate.

Very important note: by clicking the “Set using address” button the coordinates will be inaccurate whereby the results may point to a field or pond somewhere near and not at the exact location the GPS function on a smart phone will provide (see example below).


In order for your GPS to work on your smart phone, you must turn it on!download


On an Android phone it will look something like this:


On an iPhone you will know that your GPS is turned on by the arrow symbol:



Make sure you are standing in front of the property when tapping the “Set using GPS” button.  It is permissible to take the GPS reading from across the street, especially during a bankruptcy inspection. The closer you are to the front door the more accurate the coordinates will be.

Using the GPS function on your cell phone will definitely put a drain on your battery.  It’s always a good idea while using your cell phone for field service work to keep it charged all day with a car charging adapter.

Failure to provide the GPS coordinates of the property you are inspecting will create a Follow-Up inspection and you will be required to return to the property.

If the coordinates are already provided on the inspection form, and you know for certain that they are accurate, you do not have to enter new coordinates on each subsequent visit to the property. Failure to provide the GPS location of the property you are inspecting will result in a fee deduction.

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